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untitledClaire Oldham

I’m a primary school teacher with a special interest in the sciences of cognition, memory, linguistics and language. I study the way in which each of these disciplines plays a vital and mutually dependent role in the development of reading, spelling and writing.  I have completed a Master of Education in Literacy and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education in Special Education, and I have worked as a Learning Support Co-ordinator for many years.  I’m also a  Learning Difficulties Australia Consultant,  an accredited Multisensory Structured Language Educator and Associate Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association (AMADA).   This means that I’m one of a small but growing number of  teachers in Australia who have been trained in the Orton Gillingham method of MSL instruction for reading and spelling, by the Australian Dyslexia Association.  If you are interested in learning more about MSL, please visit the IMSLE website.   Explore this website to learn more about the services we offer to readers and writers, as well as workshops for teachers and parents.  To learn about other projects that I’m working on in the field of education, please check out the clinic’s sister organisation, Generation Knowledge.